As an active member in everything from her local community to national organizations, Laurey was frequently recognized, interviewed and discussed in the media and beyond. Most online articles she has appeared in are listed below. To submit a media inquiry for further press please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with the information you need.

Thank you — and enjoy Laurey’s legacy!



  • “Laurey Masterton ‘Don’t Postpone Joy’ Scholarship” (AB-Tech)


  • “TedX talk: Bikes, Bees & Cooking for Survival” (TedX YouTube)

  • “Bee Happy Garden dedicated to late Laurey Masterton” (News 13 WLOS)

  • “Local chefs choose winner of Black Jar Honey Contest” (Mountain Xpress)

  • “Beekeeping, Trekking and Carrying On” (Mountain Xpress)


  • “Laurey Bikes” - a blog written by Laurey about the preparation and execution of a 2009 Bike trip across USA to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Awareness (Blogspot)

  • “Meet Laurey Masterton, 20-Year Ovarian Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire” (Libby’s HOPE)

  • “TedX talk: Bikes, Bees & Cooking for Survival” (TedX YouTube)

  • “Laurie Lewis Inspires Laurey Masterton” (Laurie Lewis News)


Don’t Postpone Joy



TedX Talks

  • “TedX talk: Bikes, Bees & Cooking for Survival” (TedX YouTube)


  • “YWCA to build an edible garden honoring Laurey Masterton” (Mountain Xpress)

  • “Laurey Masterton Inspires Peggy Weaver’s Volunteer Efforts for YWCA” (YWCA AVL)

  • “YWCA to host Laurey Masterton memorial garden” (Citizen Times)

  • “Memorial Garden Project Overview & Progress” (Asheville Design Center)

  • “YWCA of Asheville dedicates “Bee Happy Garden” in memory of Laurey Masterton” (Mountain Xpress)

  • “YWCA grieves the loss of Laurey Masterton” (Mountain Xpress)

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