Welcome to Laurey's "Don't Postpone Joy"

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are thrilled to present the first update to Laurey Masterton’s legacy website, Laureysyum.com

We have lots and lots of wishes for this site, but the most important is to roll out public access to Laurey’s writings.

Here’s the first:

For many years, Laurey published a weekly newsletter about her life and the doings at her cafe, Laurey’s. We are so happy to make available ALL the online issues, from 2004 until the newsletter ceased, a year after Laurey’s passing. Laurey wrote every issue through early February of 2014; I wrote the remainder of the newsletters.

They’re all here, under Newsletter Archives, organized by year.

We hope you will visit often and find happy - and delicious! - memories.

Lots more on the website, so do please explore, and we’ll share more plans as we go.

With Love, Heather Masterton,

for the family of Laurey Masterton

Heather Masterton