Welcome to Laurey's "Gourmet Comfort Food"

Seasonal Suppers
Eat in.  Take out.  Either is fine.

Ordering ahead is recommended.  We will try and make plenty for last minute drop ins.

January 2015 edition
Mondays in January
Chicken Cacciatore w/ Rice (gf)
(brasied chicken, tomatoes, thyme, wine, olives, peppers)
Tuesdays in January
3 Bean Vegetarian Chili w/Cornbread
Wednesdays in January
Crispy Fried Chicken w/Collards
(buttermilk soaked, bone-in)
Thursdays in January
Braised Lamb w/Polenta  (gf)
(domestic Lamb slow cooked in wine, stock, herbs, etc)
Fridays in January
Homestyle Meatloaf w/Mashed Potatoes
(HNG beef)
Saturdays in January
Fig & Bleu stuffed Pork Loin w/Mixed Grain Pilaf

Wednesday Casseroles        whole/half
  Jan 7 Shepherd’s Pie w/Local Lamb (gf)       59.95/30   
  Jan 14 Pork Chili Verde w/Beans & Rice (gf)  48/24
  Jan 21 Hearty Beef Stew                                 62/31
  Jan 28 Chicken Apricot Tangine (gf)          42/21


 Friday Lasagnas                     whole/half
  Jan 9 Spinach, Olive & Chevre          42/21
  Jan 16 Italian Sausage & Sweet Pepper  59.95/30
  Jan 23 Herb Chicken & Arugula         48/24
  Jan 30 Local Beef                         52.95/26.50