Welcome to Laurey's "Gourmet Comfort Food"


We are a full-service catering company and cafe operating in downtown Asheville. Please come visit us, have lunch in our shop, take a picnic with you on your tour of Asheville or perhaps sample one of our “made-right-here” sweets.


NOW OPEN until 8pm on Saturdays!!!

Starting this week, April 5

Monday - Saturday 8am - 8pm




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The Fresh Honey Cookbook
"A poetic, pleasurable and very personal look into the beautiful world of bees, honey and hives. Laurey's passion, intelligence and culinary creativity make this a must read for anyone who wants to learn about the remarkable ways of the world in which bees work, and the amazing flavors of the varietal honeys they gift us with."

— Ari Weinzweig, Co-founding partner, Zingerman’s, and author of Zingerman's Guide to Good Eating


Books are in stock here in our cafe.
Online ordering available at Malaprops.



Today's Event

  • Dinner To Go: Baked Salmon with Lemon Basil Sauce $11.25
    Monday April 21, 3:00pm

  • Dinner To Go: Grilled Portabella with Chive Risotto Cakes $8.95
    Tuesday April 22, 3:00pm


Don't Postpone Joy - Laurey's Catering, Asheville, NC